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Scarves, Shrugs & Shawls

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Scarves, Shrugs & Shawls

Scarves, Shrugs & Shawls by Sarah Hatton.

St. Martin's Griffin.

Scarves, shrugs and shawls are perennial favorite knitting projects. Depending on the materials you use, they're useful almost year round (especially if you find air conditioning too cold) and they're lots of fun to knit because you can use a variety of techniques and your gauge doesn't have to be perfect because they don't have to fit exactly.

British designer Sarah Hatton combines these classic wardrobe staples with Rowan yarns in her book Scarves, Shrugs & Shawls: 22 Knitted Designs with Their Special Techniques.

About the Book

  • Pages: 136
  • Format: paperback with flaps
  • Number of patterns: 22
  • Skill level: none given, but patterns range from beginner to intermediate
  • Illustrations: full-color photographs
  • Knitting lessons: none, but a special techniques section in the back covers special cast ons, short rows, cables, bobbles and colorwork
  • Publication date: February 2013
  • Publisher: St. Martin's Griffin

The Patterns

Hatton clearly made an effort to include a range of styles and techniques in her book, from a simple striped scarf to more involved lace, cabled and beaded patterns. There's a lot here to suit different tastes -- though it does trend toward the more feminine -- and to explore different ways to embellish knitting.

The book opens with a large gallery section including full-page pictures of the projects, which makes it easy to see what's going on in the patterns and to get inspired to knit them. My one complaint about this section is that the patterns aren't in the same order as they are shown in the gallery and I don't know why you would do that.

Some of my favorites include the Two-Way Vest, a long rectangle with a cabled pattern you could also wear as a scarf; the Fair Isle Stole, a super-wide project with bands of colorwork at the ends; the Indulgent Wrap, worked in a diamond lace pattern from a center square out; the colorful Chevron Scarf, worked sideways for extra interest (and extra-long rows!); the Crescent Shawl, a perfect little whisper of a knit in Kidsilk Haze; and the Triangular Scarf, a simple knit with a bobble edging.

Bottom Line

These patterns are pretty, feminine and fun and will help build your knitting skills while building your wardrobe of great knit accessories. Knitters with more skill will also enjoy these patterns.

The helpful "how to wear it" section at the back of the book includes good styling tips for wearing long narrow scarves, wide scarves and stoles, multifunctional designs and three special knots to tie, all of which ensures the fun of these projects doesn't end when you bind off!

Publisher's website

Projects on Ravelry

Disclosure: A review copy was provided by the publisher. For more information, please see our Ethics Policy.
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