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Under 100 Knit Collection by Knit Picks

Scrap Busting and Beyond

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Under 100 Knit Collection.

Knit Picks.

Every knitter who has knit more than a couple of projects has stash, or at least leftover yarn from completed projects. Sometimes it can be difficult to decide what to do with those little extras or single balls (or two) of yarn you bought on a whim without a real plan for.

If you've a mind for stash busting, or just for small projects you can complete in a short time, The Under 100 Knit Collection from Knit Picks is a great source for ideas.

About the Book

  • Pages: 96
  • Format: paperback
  • Number of patterns: 30
  • Skill level: none given, but range from beginner to intermediate
  • Illustrations: full-color photographs
  • Publication date: January 2014
  • Publisher: Knit Picks

The Patterns

This book is a collection divided by how you wear or use the finished object -- accessories, cowls, hands and feet, hats and neckwear -- and each project uses 100 grams of yarn or less.

Of course all of the projects are shown using Knit Picks yarns, but you can also use them as inspiration to go into your stash and find some coordinating yarns to play with.

And some of the projects are really playful and would be fun in a wide range of colors.

Some of my favorites include the Pixie Purses, little striped coin purses by Christina Wall; the Autumn Splendor Cowl, worked in 7 colors in a herringbone pattern with yarn doubled throughout for tons of color combinations; the Diamond Kerchief Cowl by Alexis Hoy, which starts out as a triangle and then becomes a cowl; the Tamalane Cowl from Luise O'Neill, which uses lots of colors and a slip stitch pattern for a fun and easy project; Melanie Berg's intriguing Helyx Fingerless Mitts, worked in a spiral pattern that gets squared off at the edges; the Color Harmony Cap by Lisa McFetridge, which uses really simple stranded knitting to great effect; and the Iona Double Ruffle Scarf from Quenna Lee, which combines lace patterns with a Seed Stitch Rib for and interesting effect.

There's at least one picture of each project, though in some cases I would have liked to see more. Particularly with the shawls, it would have been nice to see them all spread out rather than presented on a hanger.

The Crochet Version

I should mention for those multi-crafters out there that there is also an Under 100 Crochet Collection, which includes 10 patterns for cowls, mitts, a cap, a couple of bags, a pair of boot cuffs and a wee little bird.

It also is a cute collection that will allow you to use up your little bits even faster.

Bottom Line

There are some really lovely patterns in this collection that would be a great use of little bits of yarn. Even if you had to go out and buy something to use for the projects, it wouldn't have to cause you great expense because of the small amount of yarn used.

These projects may be (mostly) small in size and amount of yarn used, but they're not small on style. I suspect a turn through this book will send you straight to your stash to whip up the perfect little gift or a treat for yourself.

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