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Knitting - By Category

Learn to Knit / Basic Knitting Skills
Everything you always wanted to know about knitting and purling but didn't know who to ask. From how to cast on and bind off to making basic pattern stitches, learn the skills to start knitting right away.

Knitting Skills - Intermediate and Advanced
For advanced beginners, intermediate and advanced knitters, tips on how to take your knitting to the next level while learning about different techniques, tools, and special projects you'll want to try.

Free Knitting Patterns
Free knitting patterns from your Guide to Knitting include projects for men, women, children, pets, the home and more.

Knitting and Felting
Felting is a lot of fun and allows you to make homemade items that look really professional because you can't see the individual stitches. Learn the basics of felting and the supplies you will need, as well as some projects to get you started

Knitting Tools and Supplies
From knitting bags to knitting needles, knitting is easier with some good tools and supplies. Find out what you need, why and how to pick the best.

Types of Knitting Yarn
Visiting the yarn store can be an intimidating experience. There are so many choices. What's the best fiber for your project, and how can you care for your yarn and your garments so they will last? Let's explore the wide world of fiber -- even spinning and dyeing your own.

Knitting Media Reviews
Whether you're looking for news about the best new knitting books or the low-down on knitting software, you'll find tips on the best knitting products here.

Help with Knitting Problems
Whether you need help translating a knitting pattern into English or are looking for help for more pressing knitting problems, you'll find guidance here.

Find Your Knitting Community
From knitting for charity to knitting retreats, blogs to magazines, there are tons of ways to connect with other knitters. Let us help you find your fellow knitters and explore the wide world of the knitting community.

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