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Knitting Yarn - Types of Yarn - About.com
Visiting the yarn store can be an intimidating experience. There are so many choices. What's the best fiber for your project, and how can you care for your yarn  ...
All About Yarn Weights for Knitting - About.com
When you go into a yarn shop or crafts store, it's easy to be overwhelmed by all the choices. Which yarn is right for your project? Most people stick to the exact ...
Yarn Overs for Different Situations - Between Knit Stitches - Knitting
The most common situation in which you will be asked to make a yarn over in your knitting career is between two knit stitches, but that is not the only way to do it, ...
Crochet Yarn Articles, Tips & Reviews - About.com
It's no secret that crocheters and knitters evaluate yarn differently, yet knitters' yarn reviews and yarn articles dominate the Internet. Here's your chance to learn  ...
Product Reviews and Information About Eyelash Yarns - Crochet
"Furry" or "hairy" yarn is often referred to as "eyelash yarn." When you crochet or knit with this type of yarn, the finished result can resemble faux fur. Use this type ...
Yarn - Crochet - About.com
Much information about yarn is available on the Internet, but quite a bit of it was written from a knitter's perspective. Crochet enthusiasts have a different set of ...
Worsted & Worsted Spun Yarn in Knitting / Spinning - About.com
For knitters, most commonly worsted refers to a weight of yarn, also known as medium weight yarn. Worsted weight yarn is generally knit on a US 7 to 9 knitting  ...
5 Ways to Combine Variegated Yarn - Crochet - About.com
Variegated yarns have their pros and cons. There are so many wonderful things about them; the advantages are numerous. Variegated yarns give you the ...
How and Why to Swatch When Working with Multicolored Yarn
When working with a multicolored yarn, you need to know that you will like the effect of whatever stitch pattern you're using. That's why it is vital to knit a swatch ...
How to Substitute Yarns in Knitting - About.com
A necessary part of becoming a proficient knitter is learning how to substitute yarns. Changing the yarn in a pattern for a different yarn can be necessary for a ...
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