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Fair Isle/Stranded Knitting Tutorial - About.com
Fair Isle knitting, also known more accurately as stranded knitting, is a technique for working two (or more) colors of yarn in the same row. Because the color ...
Tips for Fair Isle and Stranded Knitting Success - About.com
Fair Isle or stranded knitting is a fun and relatively easy way to add color to your projects by working with two different colors of yarn repeatedly in the same row, ...
Purling in Fair Isle or Stranded Knitting - About.com
The purl stitch is pretty much the same as always when working in stranded knitting or Fair Isle, but when you're on the wrong side of the work you can really see ...
Fair Isle - Knitting - About.com
... are often used interchangeably in the knitting world, but they don't mean exactly the same thing. Here's the difference between Fair Isle and stranded knitting.
Working Fair Isle or Stranded Knitting on the Knit Side - About.com
On the knit side, stranded knitting doesn't look or feel all that different from regular knitting, you're just changing the color of yarn you are working with as you go.
Finishing a Row of Knitting in Stranded Knitting - About.com
Continue in the same manner across the row of knitting to complete your first row or Fair Isle or stranded knitting.
Finishing Your Fair Isle or Stranded Knitting Project - About.com
To continue knitting in the Fair Isle or stranded knitting style, just keep reading your chart and following the color changes it suggests. Remember to keep those  ...
Women's Fair Isle Socks - Free Knitting Pattern for Stranded Knitting ...
Adding an easy Fair Isle or stranded knitting checkerboard pattern to the leg of a basic Stockinette Stitch sock is any easy way to add color without a lot of extra ...
Stranded Knitting Tips - Tips for Working Fair Isle or Stranded Knitting
Get advice from other knitters on Fair Isle knitting and stranded knitting. Learn what helped others make the process of stranded colorwork a little easier.
Knit and Drop Yarn Hold for Stranded Knitting - About.com
Stranded knitting(often also called Fair Isle) is a fun and pretty easy way to add color to a knitting project, but the main hurdle for people wanting to learn this ...
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