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Knit a Sock Step by Step Pattern: Cast On - About Knitting
This super easy pattern takes you through the basics of sock knitting on a small scale with large needles. It aims to get you comfortable with all the techniques ...
Sock Basics: Your Sock-Knitting Pep Talk - About Knitting
Who's afraid of the big, bad sock? I was, for a long time, and I know a lot of knitters have struggled with anxiety over socks, too. There's a mystique about knitted ...
Knit a Simple Stockinette Sock for Women - About Knitting
This is the perfect pattern for people who are new to sock knitting because it's very easy and allows you to focus on the different skills required in sock knitting ...
Free Knitting Patterns: Sock Knitting Patterns - About Knitting
Free sock knitting patterns from all over the Internet.
Men's Woven Rib Sock Knitting Pattern - About Knitting
This Woven Rib men's sock is easy to knit but a little more entertaining than a basic Stockinette Stitch or ribbed sock. Despite the size it's still pretty quick to knit  ...
Sock Knitting Tips From Our Readers - About Knitting
The following are tips from readers about sock knitting and how to make your sock knitting experience a little easier. If you have your own sock knitting tips, tricks ...
Learn to Knit a Sock - Join Sock in Round - About Knitting
Once you've cast on for your sock, you need to join the stitches in the round so that you will have a seamless sock when you are done.
Ribbed Women's Socks - Free Knitting Pattern - About Knitting
Ribbed socks are an easy but interesting departure from plain Stockinette Stitch socks, and the ... Knit with the yarn suggested, they're also machine washable.
Short Socks - Free Knitting Pattern for Short Socks - About Knitting
Short socks are a quick and easy way to knit socks when you have a small yardage of a sock yarn, and they're great to wear during the summer for those times ...
Learn to Knit a Sock - Knitting the Sock Leg - About Knitting
The sock leg is one of the most important parts of a knit sock because it helps keep you warm and is a great place to incorporate fancy stitch patterns. For this ...
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