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Knit Ribbing Characteristics and Tips - Knitting - About.com
If you're knitting from someone else's pattern, it's likely they had a good reason for choosing the ribbing they did and the method used to knit it. A particular rib ...
3x3 Rib - How to Make 3x3 Rib - Knitting - About.com
3x3 rib is an easy ribbing pattern with a little more character than the narrower ribs.
Free Knitting Patterns Using Ribbing
Ribbing is a fun way to add texture to just about any kind of knitting pattern, and there are tons of different ways to make ribbed fabrics, as this collection of free ...
Directions for Using Ribbing on Children's Pajamas - Sewing
Pajamas can take on a second life or just be more comfortable for your child when ribbing is used for a softer touch than most pjs. Find out how here.
Learn to Knit Corded Ribbing - Knitting - About.com
Corded ribbing is an interesting textured knitting stitch that is somewhat reminiscent of a cable. It's an old Italian pattern that's nice and firm, without the flexibility ...
Learn to Knit Embossed Moss Stitch Ribbing - Knitting - About.com
For a decorative but not very stretchy ribbing, try Embossed Moss Stitch Ribbing. This pattern uses a background of purl stitches with columns of Moss Stitch ...
Learn to Knit a Sock - Knitting the Ribbing - About.com
Most socks start with a bit of ribbing to hold the sock to the wearer's leg, and out learn to knit a sock sock is no exception.
Basic Knitting Stitches: Rib Stitch Video
Ribbing is a stitch that's often used in garments were where you want them to fit snugly. So it's often used at the top of socks, because we want our socks to hug ...
Learn to Knit the Corrugated Rib Stitch - Knitting - About.com
Corrugated Rib, like any other type of ribbing, can be worked on a wide variety or stitch multiples depending on the sort of ribbing you're making.
Learn to Knit Slip Stitch Ribbing - Knitting - About.com
Slip stitch ribbing is a simple variation on a knit 3, purl 2 rib than involves slipping the center knit stitch so that it stands out a bit, giving your ribbing a nice ...
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