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Lace Knitting - About.com
Lace knitting is a specific genre of knitting that uses yarn over increases paired with decreases to form a design on the knit fabric. The yarn overs produce holes  ...
How to Read a Lace Knitting Chart / Pattern - About.com
Learn how to read and follow a lace knitting chart to make your experience of knitting lace a lot easier.
How to Use a Lifeline in Lace Knitting - About.com
Probably the most frustrating thing about lace knitting is the big mess you can make of things when you make a mistake and have to rip back in your work.
Vine Lace Knitting Stitch and Pattern - About.com
Vine lace is a very pretty (and very easy) lace knitting pattern that involves an easy four-row repeat with just two lace rows, which are almost exactly the same ...
Flemish Block Lace - Knitting - About.com
Flemish Block Lace is a lovely knitting stitch that is not actually the difficult to accomplish, though it does require your attention as you knit. It would make a ...
Horseshoe Lace - Learn to Knit Horseshoe Lace - Knitting - About.com
Horseshoe Lace is a classic lace knitting stitch that might be the sort of thing a lot of people think of when they think of lace knitting. Luckily for us it's also a pretty ...
How and Why to Block Lace - Knitting - About.com
Blocking your knitting is not always essential, but when it comes to lace knitting, blocking makes a huge difference. When you are knitting a lace project, you ...
Turkish Stitch - Making Turkish Stitch - Lace Knitting - About.com
Turkish stitch is a basic lace pattern in the genre known as faggoting. ... The thicker the yarn used when knitting Turkish Stitch, the more textured the spaces ...
How to Knit the Cat's Eye Lace Knitting Stitch - About.com
Cat's Eye lace is a wonderful openwork knitting stitch pattern that's really quick and easy to knit and makes a wonderful stitch for a lacy shawl or scarf.
How Do I Keep Track of Where I am in a Lace Pattern or ... - Knitting
There are many different ways to keep track of where you are in a lace pattern or graphical knitting chart, but they mostly boil down to somehow blocking off the ...
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