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Lace Knitting - About.com
Lace knitting is a very popular genre of knitting, but what exactly does lace knitting mean? Also, is there really a difference between the terms "lace knitting" and ...
How to Read a Lace Knitting Chart / Pattern - About.com
Learn how to read and follow a lace knitting chart to make your experience of knitting lace a lot easier.
Vine Lace Knitting Stitch and Pattern - About.com
Vine lace is a very pretty (and very easy) lace knitting pattern that involves an easy four-row repeat with just two lace rows, which are almost exactly the same ...
How to Knit the Cat's Eye Lace Knitting Stitch - About.com
Cat's Eye lace is a wonderful openwork knitting stitch pattern that's really quick and easy to knit and makes a wonderful stitch for a lacy shawl or scarf.
Learn to Knit the Fish Scale Lace Knitting Stitch - About.com
Fish Scale Lace is a relatively easy, Stockinette Stitch based lace pattern that makes arcs of Stockinette Stitch that look a bit like fish tails, along with eyelets that ...
How to Use a Lifeline in Lace Knitting - About.com
Probably the most frustrating thing about lace knitting is the big mess you can make of things when you make a mistake and have to rip back in your work.
How to Knit Flemish Block Lace - Knitting - About.com
Flemish Block Lace is a lovely knitting stitch that is not actually the difficult to accomplish, though it does require your attention as you knit. It would make a ...
Learn to Knit Horseshoe Lace - Knitting - About.com
Horseshoe Lace is a classic lace knitting stitch that might be the sort of thing a lot of people think of when they think of lace knitting. Luckily for us it's also a pretty ...
Decreases for Lace Knitting with Kara Gott Warner - About.com
Learn the basic decreases used in lace knitting and how to combine them with yarn overs to make lace.
Successful Lace Knitting - About.com
Designers reinterpret the lace pattern designs of Dorothy Reade, a knitter who more knitters should have heard of.
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