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400 Knitting Stitches - Learn to Knit - About.com
I don't know if it's possible for a knitter to have too many stitch dictionaries, and 400 Knitting Stitches by Potter Craft is a decent one to add to any knitter's ...
Knitting Stitches A to C - Knitting Stitch Patterns with Names A to C
Andalusian stitch is a very easy knitting stitch pattern than is mostly stockinette stitch with a row of knits and purls thrown in. This gives the knit fabric a textured, ...
Learn to Knit: Knitting Stitch Pattern Glossary
Simple combinations of knit and purl stitches can make some amazing patterns for your knitting projects. Here are some classic stitch patterns, as well as some ...
Knitting Stitch Patterns with Names D to F - Learn to Knit - About.com
Diagonal Seed Stitch is a really fun knitting stitch that makes diagonal lines of purls across a background of Stockinette. It's easy to knit and adds interest to ...
Knitting Stitches S to T - About.com
A collection of knitting stitches with names beginning with the letters S through T. Try out some new knitting stitch patterns.
Knitting Stitches Visual Encyclopedia by Sharon Turner Book Review
Sharon Turner's visual guide includes 350 stitch patterns from basic knit and purl combinations to cables, colorwork, edgings and more.
Knitting Stitch Books - Reviews of Knitting Stitch Collections
A collection of knitting stitch books is a great investment for knitters who might want to add a different stitch pattern to a project or design their own knit objects ...
Cell Stitch - Knitting - About.com
Cell Stitch is an interesting, some what lacy, but still really easy to knit stitch pattern that would be great for a basic shawl or used allover on a cardigan.
Knitting FAQs: What if My Stitches Fall Off My Needle? - About.com
Everyone accidentally slides the stitches off their needles from time to time. Here's how to fix this common knitting problem.
Learn to Knit Popcorn Stitch - About.com
Popcorn Stitch is similar to but different from making bobbles on your knit fabric. Popcorn stitches actually take two rows to complete, with the increase on one ...
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