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Knitting Memoirs - Reviews of Books of Knitting Memoir and Essays
Knitting memoirs and essays about knitting help us remember why we love being knitters, as well as connecting us to a community of knitters, even if we don't ...
Knitting Through It - Review of Knitting Through It, Edited by Lela Nargi
Lela Nargi delves deeper into this idea in her essay collection Knitting Through It: Inspiring Stories for Times of Trouble. Incorporating modern-day essays and ...
All Wound Up - Learn to Knit - About.com
I can never get enough of that, and I hope other readers (and the writers of knitting essays and memoirs, and the people who publish them!) feel the same.
In the Loop Knitting Now Review - Learn to Knit - About.com
It's these sorts of people the essays in Jessica Hemmings' book In the Loop: Knitting Now are really talking about and to. That doesn't mean the rest of us can't  ...
A Knitter's Home Companion - Learn to Knit - About.com
Michelle Edwards is a long-time knitter based in Iowa who writes essays for the Lion Brand Yarn newsletter who shares more of her knitting wit and wisdom in A  ...
Confessions of a Knitting Heretic - Learn to Knit - About.com
Annie Modesitt refers to herself as a "knitting hethen" in her excellent collection of knitting essays and instruction Confessions of a Knitting Heretic: Tips, ...
My Grandmother's Knitting by Larissa Brown Book Review
Not all of the knitwear designers featured in the essay section of My Grandmother's Knitting had grandmothers -- or even family members -- who knit, but they all ...
Book Review: The Knitting Way - Learn to Knit - About.com
The Knitting Way is a lovely exploration of the spiritual side of knitting, along with ... Knitting Media Reviews · Knitting Memoirs and Essays; The Knitting Way.
Free Range Knitter - Learn to Knit - About.com
Pearl-McPhee says in the introduction to this book that it's about knitters more than it is about knitting, and that's really true. There are many essays about knitters ...
Knitting Product Reviews - Learn to Knit - About.com
Advice on the best knitting books, videos, software and other tools for knitting ... Knitting Memoirs and Essays (31); Knitting Reference Books (125); Knitting ...
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