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How to Read and Use a Knitting Chart - About.com
Knitting charts are very useful for showing knitters what to do without explaining every single instruction in words. They are a necessity for multi-colored knitting ...
How to Read a Lace Knitting Chart / Pattern - About.com
But lace knitting charts can be intimidating to people who've never used them before. The good news is that, just like everything else with knitting, a little ...
How to Read a Double Knitting Chart - About.com
Double knitting charts look like any other kind of chart, so how do you read a chart to knit double knitting in two colors?
Alphabet Charts for Knitting - Upper Case Letter Chart - About.com
Use these Alphabet Charts to personalize your knitting and add words, slogans, names or initials to your knitted gifts.
How to Design and Make Your Own Knitting Charts - About.com
There are a lot of sources for knitting charts for various motifs and patterns, but there are times when you just can't find the exact motif you're looking for to use on  ...
How to Make Your Own Knitting Charts - About.com
If you've ever wanted to make your own knitting chart for a motif but aren't sure where to begin, this quick tutorial will get you started.
Can I Use Crochet Charts for Knitting? - About.com
Question: Alicia writes,. "I've been knitting for a couple of years now, and I am just learning how to do color knitting from a chart. I love all the crochet charts ...
Jacquie's Knitting Chart Maker Review - About.com
The Bottom Line. For a free program, this is a good option for people who want to make charts for their own use and who have a good grasp of what the different ...
Free Crochet Charts and Graphs - About.com
Design Your Own Crochet and Knitting Charts. Let your creativity shine! Print out our free graph papers and design your own charts for crochet, knitting or both.
Intarsia Knitting - Getting Started - About.com
Probably the most difficult thing for people new to intarsia knitting is keeping all ... Finally, if you're not yet comfortable with knitting from charts, take some time to ...
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