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Converting Pattern Stitches for Knitting in the Round - Learn to Knit
Many stitch patterns are easy to convert to knitting in the round if you want to make a project that is knit circularly instead of knitting it flat. Here are some tips to  ...
Knitting in the Round With Two Circular Needles - Learn to Knit
Knitting in the round with circular needles or double-pointed needles is the only way to make a seamless knitted tube.
How to Knit with Circular Knitting Needles - Learn to Knit - About.com
Knitting with circular knitting needles makes it possible to knit larger pieces than you could fit on straight needles and to work in the round so you don't have to ...
Twisting Stitches When Working in the Round (Circular Knitting)
Just about every circular knitting pattern out there advises knitters to ensure the stitches aren't twisted before joining in the round to knit. But what happens when  ...
Knitting in the Round with Two Circular Needles - About.com
Most knitters learn to knit small projects in the round using double-pointed needles, but many prefer to knit in the round using two circular needles instead.
How to Join in the Round for Circular Knitting
Circular knitting patterns often tell you to join in the round, being careful not to twist the stitches. Here's how you go about doing that.
Sock Basics: Your Sock-Knitting Pep Talk - Learn to Knit - About.com
This is particularly easy when you are knitting in the round, because all you have to do is knit every row. This allows you to focus on the increases, decreases ...
Knitting Flat With Circular Needles - Learn to Knit - About.com
You might think that straight needles are for flat projects and circulars are for projects in the round, but there are a lot of great reasons you might want to knit a flat ...
Knitting Two Socks on Two Circular Needles
Knitting two socks on two circular needles at the same time is a great way to avoid second sock syndrome, and it's not as difficult as you might think. This tutorial ...
How to Knit a Three-Needle Bind Off - Learn to Knit - About.com
Place the needles with the stitches on them one on top of the other with the needle you would work with next if you were still knitting in the round on the top.
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