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Converting Pattern Stitches for Knitting in the Round - About.com
Many stitch patterns are easy to convert to knitting in the round if you want to make a project that is knit circularly instead of knitting it flat. Here are some tips to  ...
How to Join in the Round for Circular Knitting - About.com
Circular knitting patterns often tell you to join in the round, being careful not to twist the stitches. Here's how you go about doing that.
How to Knit with Circular Knitting Needles - About.com
Knitting with circular knitting needles makes it possible to knit larger pieces than you could fit on straight needles and to work in the round so you don't have to ...
Knitting in the Round With Two Circular Needles - About.com
Knitting in the round with circular needles or double-pointed needles is the only way to make a seamless knitted tube.
Knitting Garter Stitch in the Round With Circular Needles - About.com
Garter Stitch is easy to knit in the round, but it's not quite as easy as knitting it flat.
Knitting in the Round with Two Circular Needles - About.com
Just like you would with circular knitting on double-pointed needles, you need to distribute the stitches onto the two circular needles. This is done by sliding the ...
Twisting Stitches When Working in the Round (Circular Knitting)
Just about every circular knitting pattern out there advises knitters to ensure the stitches aren't twisted before joining in the round to knit. But what happens when  ...
Very Easy Circular Knits - Knitting - About.com
Very Easy Circular Knits is a book that lives up to its name. It's full of great instructions and easy patterns for all sorts of projects knit on circular or double- pointed ...
How to Knit with Double-Pointed Needles - Knitting - About.com
Double-pointed needles are the tool of choice when knitting a small circular object such as a sock. But they can be a little tricky to deal with. Here are some tips ...
How to Knit a Gauge Swatch for Circular Knitting - About.com
Knitting a gauge swatch in the round is vital if you really want to know how your yarn is going to behave when knit in the round. Fortunately, there's an easy way ...
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