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The Garter Stitch - Knitting Tutorial - About Knitting
Garter stitch is the most basic pattern stitch out there, but it is actually quite useful for scarves, washcloths and other utilitarian projects.
How to Seam Garter Stitch - About Knitting
Working mattress stitch or seaming on Garter Stitch is not any more difficult than seaming Stockinette, but you do need to pay a bit of attention.
Garter Stitch Cowl Free Knitting Pattern - About Knitting
This little Garter Stitch Cowl is a simple loop worked in the round in a sparkly nylon yarn. I used a yarn from my stash, and I encourage you to find something ...
Free Garter Stitch Knitting Patterns - About Knitting
Garter Stitch is the most basic knitting fabric there is. If you knit every stitch on every row, you get a very bumpy fabric known as Garter Stitch. It's a great stitch ...
Easy Garter Stitch Scarf Knitting Pattern - About Knitting
The basic bulky Garter Stitch scarf is a classic first knitting project and with good reason. Straight knitting and a quickly finished project will give you confidence to  ...
Garter Stitch Knitting - About Knitting
When you first learn to knit, the first stitch you learn is Garter Stitch, knitting every stitch of every row. It's simple, easy to grasp and makes a good-looking, ...
Garter Stitch Armwarmers Free Knitting Pattern - About Knitting
These easy fingerless gloves are worked flat in Garter Stitch and seamed to fit your hand.
What Is the Garter Eyelet Lace Stitch Pattern? - About Knitting
This simple knitting stitch pattern makes a row of lacy eyelets in between rows of garter stitch. The only things you need to know to make this work are how to knit ...
Knitting Terms-Garter Stitch - About Knitting
You often see the term garter stitch in patterns, but what does it mean?
Shaping Garter Stitch - About Knitting
Special increases and decreases are not really necessary when working with Garter Stitch.
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