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Steps to Finishing a Knitting Project - About.com
Different projects require different things, but there are several things you might need to do once you're done knitting to completely finish your knitting project.
Finishing Knitting - Knitting Finishing Touches - About.com
Once the knitting is finished, you're still not quite done with your project. Find information on the finishing touches that are vital to making your projects look great.
Your First Knitting Project - Finishing the Knitting - About.com
Just keep knitting until your swatch is about square. Try to keep the same number of stitches on the needle as you go.
Learn to Knit Intarsia - Finishing the Intarsia Project
Now that you know how to work intarsia on the knit and purl sides, just keep going until you've worked your whole chart or made the design you want.
Finishing and Blocking a Knit Afghan Border - Knitting - About.com
Once the knit border for your afghan is worked, all you need to do is bind off ... a bit more square and giving the project the nice finished look you're going for.
Finishing Techniques for Crochet and Knitting - About.com
Learn finishing techniques for crochet and knitting; simple things like weaving in ends and blocking your work make all the difference in how a finished project ...
Finishing Your Fair Isle or Stranded Knitting Project - About.com
To continue knitting in the Fair Isle or stranded knitting style, just keep reading your chart and following the color changes it suggests. Remember to keep those  ...
How to Knit a Border onto a Finished Afghan or Blanket - Knitting
Knitting a border onto an afghan or blanket after you've worked the main body is a great way to add cohesion and a literal border to your work.
Learn to Knit - How to Weave in Ends - Knitting - About.com
Weaving in ends is a necessary part of any knitting project. A lot of knitters don't like these finishing tasks, but they are necessary if you want a knitted item that ...
How to Crochet a Simple Border Around a Knitting Project - About.com
A single crochet border adds a finished look to a piece of knitting, and is pretty easy to do even if you don't have a lot of experience with crochet. For the ...
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