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Duplicate Stitch on Knitting - About.com
Duplicate stitch is a versatile way of adding color to a project. It can be done on the knit side of Stockinette Stitch fabric and forms Vs over the stitches that ...
Duplicate Stitch Tips - Knitting - About.com
Duplicate stitch or Swiss darning is a quick and easy way to add a bit of extra color and pizazz to a finished knitting project. If you've knit something in plain ...
How to Use Duplicate Stitch in Knitting - About.com
Continue going back and forth to form blocks or stitching a more intricate pattern until you have all the duplicated stitches you need. Weave in the ends on the ...
Fixing Mistakes in Color Knitting Using Duplicate Stitch - About.com
You can easily cover up small color knitting mistakes by using duplicate stitch once you've finished knitting.
Duplicate Stitch Sample - A Simple Duplicate Stitch Project - Knitting
Making duplicate stitch is an easy way to jazz up plain stockinette stitch, but it can be a little intimidating to just read about it. This sample duplicate stitch project ...
Olympic Rings - Knit Olympic Rings Using Duplicate Stitch - Knitting
Whenever the Olympics come around, it's fun to knit projects incorporating the famous rings. This project shows them knit in duplicate stitch on a square that ...
Alphabet Charts for Knitting - Upper Case Letter Chart - About.com
They can be knit into the piece by stranding, or stitched on with Duplicate Stitch later. The latter method is especially useful, as you can knit up the piece before, ...
Alphabet Charts for Knitting - Lower Case Alphabet Chart - About.com
Be sure to print off both charts and work out how many stitches and rows you are ... Monogram Baby Pillow · Sampler Baby Blanket · How to Knit Duplicate Stitch.
Ways to Use Motifs in Knitting - How to Use Pictures in Your Knitting ...
For example, the Mom Tattoo Bag uses stranded knitting at the bottom of the heart, intarsia as the spaces between the colors grow bigger, and duplicate stitch to ...
Color Knitting Techniques and Patterns - About.com
Using duplicate stitch is an easy and fun way to add color to a knitting project after the fact. You can use as much or as little duplicate stitching as you want on a  ...
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