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How to Knit the Double Basket Pattern - Knitting - About.com
Double Basket is a really cool knitting stitch pattern that is full of texture. The undulating ribs make this stitch really interesting to knit and to look at on finished  ...
Double Basket Stitch Basket Liner - About Knitting
Double basket stitch is a fun stitch pattern with a lot of texture. Why not knit it up into a great big dishcloth or liner for a basket?
20 Free Washcloth Knitting Patterns - About.com
The Double Basket Stitch is a fun, textured pattern that's great for all sorts of projects, including this sweet basket liner, which could also be used as a dishtowel.
What Is a "Double-Double?" - Basketball Glossary - NBA Basketball
Find out the definition of a "double-double," a statistic most commonly earned in pro basketball but in college basketball as well.
NCAA vs. NBA Basketball - About.com
The height of the basket and the distance between backboard and foul line is ... With the tenth foul of the half, a team goes into the "double bonus" and all fouls ...
How to Pull Espresso Shots - How to Dose Espresso Grounds
This is an American/Australian-style updose for a double ristretto shot. Although portafilter and basket sizes will vary, updosed mounds should look about like ...
Front and Back Post Stitches - Crochet - About.com
Jun 7, 1997 ... These stitches are done with double crochet, by working around the ... the post of st (stitch) in row below; complete as a dc (double crochet).
Fantasy Basketball Advice - Draft Day and Beyond - NBA Basketball
A few words of advice for fantasy basketball players preparing for that ... (Chris Paul and Deron Williams) that averaged double-figures in assists in 2008-09, and ...
10 Best Flowers for Hanging Baskets - About.com
For those who don't have the right climate to grow fussy fuchsias, begonias can act as a plant double. The half-hardy Begonia boliviensis has the same tubular, ...
Make the Perfect Espresso Shot - How-to Videos - About.com
We're going to grind coffee directly into the basket. ... use 19-gram baskets and I know at home it's a 7 gram single shot basket and or a 14 gram double basket.
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