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Free Cable Knitting Patterns Archive - About.com
Free cable knitting patterns from around the knitting site show you some of the things that can be done with cable knitting. It doesn't have to be difficult.
Mock Cable - Knit a Simple Mock Cable - Learn to Knit - About.com
There are many different ways to make mock cables. This is one of the easiest of all, involving knitting two stitches together and then knitting into one stitch again ...
Free Knitting Pattern: Cabled Headband - Learn to Knit - About.com
This free knitting pattern for a cabled headband and earwarmer is an easy way to learn how to knit cables and a perfect addition to your winter wardrobe.
Make a Cable Back Without a Cable Needle - Knitting - About.com
Knitting cables without a cable needle is the perfect way to work cables that only involve four stitches or so. This tutorial will show you how to make a cable ...
Braid Cable - How to Knit a Braid Cable - Knitting - About.com
Definition: Cable panel is 9 stitches wide on a field of Reverse Stockinette Stitch. Row 1: Slip 2 stitches to cable needle and hold in front. Purl 1, then knit 2 off the ...
Knitting FAQs: What Is a Cable Needle? - Learn to Knit - About.com
A cable needle is a useful item to have on hand if you're planning to knit cables, like the one in the Cabled Headband pattern. Answer: Cable needles are short, ...
Women's Cabled Hat - Free Knitting Pattern - Learn to Knit - About.com
This easy cabled hat is great for teens or women with smaller sized heads. The simple cables are quick to work up and stylish throughout the cooler months.
Left-Slanting Cable - Knitting - About.com
A left-slanting cable, also known as a cable front, is one of the easiest cables to make, but it is a little more awkward for some knitters than the right-slanting ...
Worsted Cable Socks - Knitting - About.com
Socks are a lot of fun to knit, but they can be time consuming when you use a fine -gauge yarn. These Worsted Cable Socks eliminate that problem because they ...
Free Knitting Pattern for an OXO Cabled Child's Scarf
This OXO Scarf is the perfect pattern for a little girl to wear around Valentine's Day, or really any other time of year. The OXO cable is easy to remember, and the ...
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