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Sarah E. White

Fixing a Dropped Stitch in Garter Stitch

By February 5, 2013

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I will admit to being one of those people who hates picking up a dropped stitch in Garter Stitch. If I'm working a small piece I've been known to rip back a few rows rather than bother with picking up the stitch.

dropped garter stitchFixing a dropped Garter stitch on a knit row. Sarah E. White.

That's pretty extreme behavior, especially when you consider that picking up a dropped Garter stitch isn't actually that hard. You just have to pay attention to what row you're on and how the ladder of yarn you're picking up and the crochet hook need to be oriented on each row. Once you've got that figured out it's a pretty simple matter to pick up a knit stitch on one row and a purl stitch on the next (even though you never purl in Garter, the wrong side of a knit stitch looks like a purl stitch).

I hope if you're one of those people who shuns picking up stitches in Garter Stitch that you'll find this tutorial helpful and give it a try in the future. I may just be a reformed ripper. We'll see.


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