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machine sewn hand knitsA machine sewn seam on two hand knit swatches, (c) Sarah E. White.
One of the things I learned pretty quickly when I started working on projects using knit swatches is that I lack the patience to hand sew much of anything. Of course when working with a bunch of Stockinette Stitch swatches it's pretty easy to just use mattress stitch to sew them together, even if you have to fudge a little bit when the row counts aren't the same.

But when it comes to putting together a bunch of swatches of different stitch patterns, yarn weights and sizes, I find it a lot more efficient to machine sew them together.

This is, admittedly, a lazy approach, but it's the right one to use if you, like me, have been staring at an ever-growing pile of swatches for months or years and just want to get something done with them pronto. It's not traditional and may even annoy some knitting purists out there, but for my reality it's a handy skill to have. What do you think? Have you ever used machine sewing in your knitting projects?


April 1, 2009 at 8:23 pm
(1) Carol Roberts says:

Just last week I machine-stitched a dart in a bit of lace trim I’d knit to add to the neckline of a tanktop. The trim needed to make a sharp turn in two places, so I created darts to make neat “corners” without puckering. I decided to use the sewing machine to make sure the fabric would be secured enough to trim the excess fabric of the darts, so the trim would lie nice and flat. Obviously I could’ve hand-sewn them, but I figured the machine stitches would be smaller than I could manage. The one disadvantage I could see to machine-stitching seams is that it might squish down the nice fluffy knitting. However, I don’t if that would even be noticeable from the right side.

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